The planning principles are explained by way of 3D illustrations depicting realistic scenarios for the future of Kangiqsualujjuaq. This is not the only way to show the possibilities (or expected results) afforded by a planning project. That said, perspective drawings are easily understandable "translations" of principles, qualities and means of action into actual forms depicting acceptable realities. They help visualize the future while aiding discussion among interested stakeholders. As a result of the consultation process, they show the community "what could be".


The perspectives depict and explain on three key components of the team’s planning project: 1) the consolidation of the school’s surroundings, 2) the Coop Store in the enhanced village center, and 3) the new developments with its view on the Bay. 


Fig. 1. The gathering space between the new Youth and Elders House and the new Vocational Education Center.

Fig. 2. The new market place where Kangiqsualujjuamiut can sell locally-produced crafts

Fig. 3. The new residential development and its views on the Akilasakallak Bay.

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